Conference Co-Chairs

Chris Berndt (Swinburne University)

Distinguished Professor Chris Berndt joined Swinburne in early 2008 as the founding Professor of Surface Science and Interface Engineering. This followed his role as founding Professor of Surface and Interface Engineering at James Cook University, a tenured professor position at Stony Brook University (where he remains Adjunct Professor) and appointments at the NASA-Lewis Research Center in Cleveland as a Fellow of the Institute for Aerospace Propulsion and Power where he worked on thermal barrier coatings.

Professor Berndt's professional responsibilities gravitate around the Thermal Spray Society of the ASM of which he has been a member since 1991. He was appointed as the Vice President of this society in 2000 and President in 2002. He was the Proceedings Editor for the Thermal Spray Conferences held in the USA from 1992-2003. He was inducted into the Thermal Spray Hall of Fame in 2007 and is editor/co-editor of 10 conference proceedings on thermal spray.

Professor Berndt is the Founding Editor, and now Editor Emeritus, for the Journal of Thermal Spray Technology. He is a member of some 13 professional societies in the materials, mechanical, manufacturing and biomedical fields and has more than 550 publications in the field of materials science and engineering. He is also a Fellow of the Australian Institution of Engineers, a Fellow of ASM International, a Fellow of The Institution of Metallurgists (UK), and of ASME, ACS and ACerS. He is also a Chartered Engineer (UK), a Professional Engineer (Australia), and a Member of the College of Bioengineers (Australia).

Colin Hall (UniSA)

Colin Hall is an Industry Associate Professor at the Future Industries Institute (University of South Australia), and as a key member of the Energy and Advanced Manufacturing strand. Colin is interested in helping Australian manufacturing be globally competitive through the uptake of innovative research. Colin has worked in private industry for 9 years and academia for 13 years giving him a unique perspective for industry engaged research.

Colin completed his PhD in material science, from UniSA in 2014. His approach to research is focused on identifying new materials or enhanced ways of using existing ones to solve problems.

Colin has recently won funding through the CRC-P (project) program with the industrial partner LaserBond and Boart Longyear, to investigate wear minimisation through cladding of mining related equipment. The CRC-P - Wearlife performance - laser surface engineering, will aim to make an advanced drill for mining and exploration, here in SA that is more efficient and will be exported globally.

Colin was a project leader in the "Next Generation Automotive Coatings project". The team investigated decorative coatings and their integration into lighting and sensing applications. One output of the research was a safer method of manufacture for producing an equivalent to electroplated plastic. Colin also played a key role in the development of an automotive plastic mirror. The advantages of plastic exterior mirrors are that they are shatter proof, lightweight and offer design freedom. This technology has been transferred to SMR technologies, an automotive supplier to car companies such as Ford, GM, Toyota, VW, Volvo and JLR. Over the 5 years of production over 1.6 million mirrors have been exported to the USA. For this work Colin was awarded the inaugural 2016 Prime Ministers Prize for New Innovators. One of only 2 recipients in the state of South Australia. Colin is now leading up the research into developing radar transparent coatings for use in the next generation of autonomous cars this project has been supported through a Future Industries Accelerator grant, made available with support from the state government of South Australia.

During his time at the University of South Australia he has also conducted research on conducting polymers, looking at their electrochromic properties, low cost heliostats for concentrated solar power and developing protective coatings for aeroplane windows. Colin is also collaborating with the University of Adelaide's School of Dentistry; this work is looking at bringing instrumented nanomechanical analysis to the study of tooth wear in erosive environments. In total Colin has published over 40 journal articles, presented at numerous conferences and is an inventor on 11 patents. Colin has been invited to speak at prestigious universities and conferences both on the material science aspect but also on how to successfully transition research to commercial outcome.


Organising Committee

Christopher Berndt   (Swinburne University)
Colin Hall   (University of SA)
Tanya Smith   (Materials Australia)             
Paul Plater   (Plater International Consulting)
Nikki Stanford   (University of SA)
Christiane Schulz   (University of SA)
Andrew Ang   (Swinburne University)
Milan Brandt   (RMIT)
Vesna Stefanovski   (SEAM)
Peter King   (CSIRO)
Daniel Fabijanic   (Institute for Frontier Materials, Deakin University)
Ivan Cole (RMIT University)

Further Information

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