The Materials Innovations in Surface Engineering (MISE) Conference will be held at Swinburne University in Melbourne on 11-12 February 2020.

The MISE 2020 conference will be one of the globe’s premier surface engineering events. The international Materials Innovations in Surface Engineering (MISE) conference will offer delegates the chance to gain in-depth insights into innovative developments and trends throughout the industry, and will give industry representatives, academic institutions and research centres the opportunity to showcase their skills and foster relationships vital for future collaboration.

We’re going to bring a broad range of high-quality academic and industrial keynote speakers together to deliver paper sand presentations that illuminate the critical issues facing the field of surface engineering.

Materials are quickly becoming a key commodity in the global push towards better functioning industries. Surface engineering is essential in improving material performance to make them more innovative while also lowering production costs and downtime and improving utilisation. This field is particularly important for the economic future of Australia as it is essential for improving the mining and energy industries.

The industry is incredibly broad and can include practices from surface modification via heat or chemical treatment, organic and inorganic coating, as well as plating, weld overlays, thermal or cold spraying.

Scope Of The Conference

The purpose of this conference is to provide a focused forum for the presentation of advanced research and improved understanding of various aspects of surface engineering. This conference will include invited lectures from internationally distinguished researchers, contributed presentations and posters.

Conference Proceedings

All participants making presentations at the conference in either oral or poster sessions may be invited to submit written papers for the Conference Proceedings.

Please note that manuscripts are not required to be submitted. 

Short Course

Metallography for Surface Engineering

13th - 14th February 2020
Speaker: George F. Vander Voort
Vander Voort Consulting L.L.C. and Consultant

Further Information

For further information about MISE 2020, contact Tanya Smith on: or +61 3 9326 7266.